We’re all set for the Kate’s Club event next Tuesday!  As you know from our last post, we are conducting a drive to gather camp supplies for Camp Good Mourning, which will be held August 6-8th this year. The drive will be held at the organization’s colorful new midtown clubhouse on Tuesday, March 23 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. We’ll be collecting wish list items, touring the club house and socializing. Wish list items includes board games, musical instruments, arts & crafts supplies and snacks – here’s the full 2010 Kate’s Club Wish List.
Debra Brook, the Program Coordinator and a volunteer will be on hand to help facilitate our activities. We will be watching a short video and then touring the club and then doing some Spring cleaning! They have all the necessary cleaning supplies on hand.
Here are directions to Kate’s ClubHouse. The building that they are in goes on lockdown after 5:30 PM, so someone from Kate’s Club & Laura Nolte will be in the lobby at the front to help AtlantaHelps participants get to suite 520 where Debra will be waiting to greet them. Anyone attending is welcome to call either of the numbers below for directions:
Debra Brook -404-797-6408
Laura Nolte – 678-575-1522
Debra also wanted to let us know that anyone who wants to make a donation and does not have time to shop for camp supplies can donate money to a fund that will pay for water bottles for camp. They are trying to raise money for their camp so they can purchase reusable water bottles, instead of plastic bottles, that they would send home with the kids.  Their cost will be approximately $350 to make sure that everyone gets one and has the Kate’s club logo on it.
Hope to see everyone on Tuesday night!